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Please note, the museum is temporarily closed. Pictureville Cinema and Bar are open seven days a week.

The Big Curved Screen Trailer Show

Join us for a unique presentation of restored trailers from a long-lost era of cinema.

Trailers of time gone by were often created from duplicated negatives and added effects like film grain and titles. Like the feature films they accompanied, many of these were also never properly preserved in archives and what remained was older prints with significant wear, tear and scratches. This included all the original Cinerama trailers and most of the 70mm classics of the 1950s and 60s.

However, through the talents of Cinerama Inc. many of these lost films—along with their trailers—have been found and restored, finding new life on the big screen. Each new restoration gave a renewed purpose for its accompanying trailer to promote the classic ‘roadshow era’ films.

The Big Curved Screen Trailer Show will include highlights from over 20 theatrical trailers that have been recreated and restored over the last 10 years by Cinerama Inc., including Cinerama 3-strip films and many of the 70mm epics that would have been shown exclusively on a curved screen.

The show will be presented by Cinerama Inc.’s Dave Strohmaier and Randy Gitsch. 

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